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Are you considering buying real estate, subdividing, or planning land development?

Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc. is dedicated to assisting landowners and developers move through the complicated world of Land Planning, Subdivision, and Land Development. You can feel confident that your project will be professionally managed. Our experienced staff will guide you through the planning process.

Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc. has completed numerous subdivisions and over a thousand lot surveys over the years. We have extensive experience with subdivision, planning and zoning issues. For economical land surveys, we provide a one-person field crew and a robotic instrument.

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Our experience includes a wide range of commercial projects such as golf courses, airports, shopping malls, a fish farm, motels, a roller skating rink, and many other commercial, industrial, and government building projects.

Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc. has experience working with various municipalities and municipal authorities in design and construction of roads, sewers, and other public improvements.

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We provide engineering & land surveying services for stormwater management, sediment and erosion control, and land planning to integrate proposed development with the existing environment.

Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc. can provide management services by acting as a professional liaison with local, state, and federal authorities. If desired by our clients, we can oversee the entire pre-construction project, including land surveying and engineering, on-site testing, and supervising the approvals process for townships and regulatory agencies.

Generally, land planning consists of one of the following options:

  • Land Development
  • Subdivision
  • Annexation
  • Lot Line Adjustment

Here Are Some Important Questions to Answer Prior To Purchasing Real Estate, Subdividing or Annexing Land, or Beginning Land Development Planning:

1. Is the land zoned to be compatible with your building plans for use, lot size,     setbacks, etc.? Most municipalities require land to conform to their set     ordinances. Speaking with your township zoning or borough zoning/code office     about your approach to formal planning can be a beneficial first step.

2. How are adjoining properties zoned and being used?

3. Is any part of the land located in an area that has been classified as a flood plain     or wetland? Does the property have hydric soils or a seasonally high water table?

4. Is any part of the property located in a flood zone? Mortgage and property     insurance or title companies may require a flood plain survey be performed     and/or an Elevation Certificate to obtain a mortgage loan or property insurance.

5. Will you require a subdivision and/or land development approval from your     municipality, county, and/or state?

6. Is there an existing public or private road serving the property?

7. Will the project include work within the right-of-way of a state highway? Will this     require a state permit?

8. Is the source of water supply public? If so, where is the water main located? Will     you be permitted to connect?

9. If the method of sewage disposal is a public sewer, where is the sewer located?     Will you be permitted to connect? Will a pump be needed?

10. If the method of sewage disposal is an on-lot sewage disposal system, has the       property been tested for suitability by a local Sewage Enforcement Officer?

11. Have you had a title search of the property performed? Are there any deed       restrictions or covenants affecting the use of the property? Do you need title       insurance?

12. Has the property been surveyed recently? Did a Professional Land Surveyor       show you the boundary lines and corners? Do you have a survey plan of your       property?

What is subdivision, annexation and land development? What are the steps involved?

For more information on Subdivision, Annexation and Land Development, please contact Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc. for a free consultation and estimate. You may also view and/or download our “A Handy Guide to Land Planning, Subdivision, & Land Development” by clicking here.

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