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Choosing a Land Surveyor

According to the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors (PSLS):  “As a professional, the land surveyor must achieve and maintain the highest level of mathematical, science, engineering, and technology skills through continuing education throughout his/her career. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, only Licensed Professional Land Surveyors may practice land surveying.”

Clients can be confident in the quality of their survey work with Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc., as all our work is certified by a PA Licensed Professional Engineer and PA Licensed Professional Land Surveyors.

When is a Survey Advisable?

  • BEFORE title in land is transferred – a survey establishes the accurate location of property corners and boundary lines and the proper wording of legal descriptions that are required for making of new deeds.
  • BEFORE land is subdivided by deed, by will or by the court.
  • BEFORE land is developed by construction of buildings, roads, fences, or other improvements.
  • BEFORE an easement or right-of-way is created.
  • BEFORE a boundary dispute arises or when you believe someone is encroaching upon your land.
  • BEFORE timber is to be cut and removed.


How much will a survey cost?

Survey cost is directly proportional to the total effort involved. Variables which affect the cost of a land survey include the topography and condition of the parcel being surveyed, the size of the parcel, the availability of records, the time of year and weather conditions, the existence of corner markers, and the history of past surveys.

A small sample of corner markers commonly found are shown below. Corner markers established by a licensed land surveyor may not be removed under penalty of law. Only a professional land surveyor that is licensed in the state in which the property is located can establish or set property corner markers. If you’re not sure whether that stone, pipe, stump, tree, or pile of rocks on your property is a survey marker, please don’t disturb it! Contact Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc. for more information and a free estimate.


Services Provided by a Professional Land Surveyor:

  1. Subdivision Design and Planning
  2. Land Development Design and Plans
  3. Topographic Surveys
  4. Partial and/or Full Boundary Surveys
  5. Engineering Surveys
  6. Zoning Hearing Applications and Plans
  7. Preparation of legal descriptions for new deeds
  8. Flood zone surveys & FEMA Elevation Certificate preparation
  9. GPS Control Surveys
  10. Construction Stakeout

Types of Surveys

Boundary Survey – A boundary retracement survey re-establishes the corners and boundary lines of an existing tract of land. An original boundary survey establishes the corners and boundary lines of new tracts of land as part of the process known as subdivision. Before a tract of land can be subdivided, its corners and boundary lines must be re-established.

Topographic Survey – A topographic survey displays the elevation and contours of the land and locates both natural and manmade features such as streams, woodlands, and roads.

I think I need my property surveyed…
If you are interested in receiving a free estimate from us for land surveying, you may click here to complete your Estimate Request online or contact us by email or phone at 610-944-8528.


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