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      Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc. is a professional corporation (PA) owned and operated by
      Bruce T. Rader, P.E., P.L.S. Bruce is a Licensed & Registered Professional Engineer (since 1974)and a       Licensed & Registered Professional Land Surveyor (since 1982) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania .       He began his career at UGI Corp. in 1968, where he worked closely with contractors, engineers, land       surveyors and state & municipal officials.

      This company started in 1991 as Bruce T. Rader, P.E., P.L.S. and later incorporated as
      Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc. The company is now located at 311 East Main Street in
      Fleetwood, PA. This location in central Berks County allows convenient access to all of Berks
      County and the surrounding counties.

Location and Directions

      The business serves a wide range of clients, including attorneys, building contractors, developers,       homeowners, and municipalities. The company’s principal services include land development,       planning, zoning, subdivisions, and all types of land surveying. Engineering Design services
      include but are not limited to: stormwater, erosion & sedimentation control, state highway occupancy       permits, flood plain analysis for FEMA elevation certificates, road and streets, and storm & sanitary sewer.

      One of BSE’s larger Residential projects was completed in 2000 and included Land Surveying &
      Fieldwork for 150-lots in “ Limerick Village ”, located in Montgomery County. During the past 20 years,
      we have completed hundreds of small lot surveys for private homeowners. Standard types of boundary       surveying work usually consists of locating and marking property corners for fence installation or new       home, garage, and/or driveway construction. They specialize in planning and subdivision, intended to       create new lots for single-family homes. By utilizing a one-person field crew, equipped with a robotically       operated surveying instrument, their clients receive greater savings for simple boundary surveys.  

      Recently, BSE completed Commercial Land Development Plans for two Pennsylvania National Guard       Armories. Also,Land Development work is nearing completion for “ Growing Hearts Early Childhood       Development Center " on Hartz Road in Ruscombmanor Township , Berks County. The project included       special “green design” for sustainable Stormwater and Erosion & Sediment Control that is getting       recognition from state and county environmental organizations. Just a few of their past projects have       included airports, hospitals, highways, farms, and golf courses.

      Berks Surveying & Engineering, Inc.works closely with local townships and boroughs for zoning, planning       and other projects. Over a two year period, one of their largest Municipal roadwork projects was land       surveying of 4 miles (including all four lanes) of Highway State Route 61 in Leesport , PA. They have also       surveyed miles of proposed sanitary sewer mains in Berks and Lancaster counties.


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